Most social enterprises in Australia are inherently local. Therefore we are looking for people who are deeply engaged and committed to their local community. Our business mentors should be well networked with an understanding of the key economic, social and cultural drivers in their city or town. They understand who the major players are and can use their personal networks and contacts to help assess the viability of the idea under consideration.

Volunteer business mentors will have some experience in the development of commercial business cases and can work collaboratively with someone who may have little or no commercial experience.

With training and support from the University of Canberra, we ask business mentors work with a social entrepreneur over a period of time helping them to craft a business case.

When a Mentor identifies a project with exceptional promise, we want to know about it. Capital Ideas can reimburse up to the first $2000 of expenses related to the development a business case.

Checklist for Volunteer Business Mentors?

  • Availability

    Do you live in the Capital Region and have at least 3-4 hours per week on average between now and 30 June 2018?

  • Experience

    Do you have sufficient business or public sector experience in the development of business investment cases or funding proposals?

  • Training

    Are you able to attend a full day training seminar in Canberra on 17 Nov 2016?

  • Registered Interest

    Have you registered your interest with us by providing us with a CV and a short statement about your level of involvement in your community?