Capital Ideas Grant Funding

The goal of Capital Ideas is a capacity building program designed to improve the quality of a social enterprise business case. Non-repayable grants of up to $2000 can be used for professional business advisory services that will increase the capacity of the enterprise to access social impact investment.

Examples of what can be funded:

  • Engaging an accountant or bookkeeper to develop multi-year financial projections for your new business venture to assist with a loan application
  • Engage a construction project manager to deliver a detailed costing for an expansion or re-purposing of a community space for your business
  • Hire a graphic designer or digital storytelling to conduct interviews with your social enterprise clients and prepare case studies and other collateral that can be incorporated into a prospectus for investment.
  • Costs associated with developing and launching an online market research survey to understand whether you are solving a real problem and/or people are willing to pay for your solution

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Capital Ideas Grants cannot be used for:

  • Salary costs for staff and/or Board Members to participate in the capacity building program
  • Costs associated with the day to day operations of your business, e.g. equipment, photocopiers, laptops or mobile phone
  • Costs associated with attending conferences
  • Costs associated with the development and/or implementation of new or modifications to existing IT Systems