Social entrepreneurs are change makers. They are individuals who see a gap in the fabric of their community, and they attempt to use trade (selling something to a customer) as a way to address it.

The trade can be central to the idea—e.g. you start a café that only employs people who are excluded from mainstream employment. Or, you may use the surpluses from your ‘mainstream’ business to cross-subsidize some other activity for impact.

Anyone can be a social entrepreneur—a university student, a retired business person, a community volunteer, farmer, or stay at home parent or carer. Many indigenous owned businesses are also social enterprises because of their distinctive community and cultural obligations.

In our experience, social entrepreneurs can struggle to get funding because they don’t have the capacity to put together compelling business cases that are attractive to prospective social impact investors. That’s the gap we are trying to breach.

Check List for Social Entrepreneurs:

  • Business Ideas

    Do you live in the Capital Region and have an idea for a business that will trade for social, cultural, economic or environmental impact?

  • Money Ideas

    Do have an idea of how your social ventures will make money? We are particularly looking for the potential to generate at least half of their income from trade, with the rest from grants, philanthropy, corporate sponsors or self-funding.

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